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The 22th edition of IManEE 2018 International Conference

May 31 – June 2, 2018 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


“Top research in the year of the centenary”

MODTECH / TMCR Renewed Series 


Technical University of Moldova, MOLDOVA

Department of Machine Manufacturing Technology

General information
The department of Technology of Machine Engineering was established in 1964. Since then till present time it trained 4050 engineers (1132 at the correspondence section), at the speciality 2001 – Technology of Machine Engineering (specialization Technology of Automated Manufacturing).

Department main tasks:
Initial and continuing professional training at the university and postgraduate education levels in the field of machine engineering;
Scientific and technological investigation, technical and innovational creativity; Transfer of science, innovations, technologies, and know-how in production and services.

Department structure:
Head of department -1; Didactic staff – 11 persons; Centre of Technological, Organizational and Economic Projection; Training Laboratories – 5; Laboratories of Scientific Investigations – 2.

Forms of study
University education with the term of 4 years (full time section) and 5 years (part time section) at the following specialities: Technology of machine engineering; Technology of automated manufacture; Computer design in machine engineering; Innovational engineering and technological transfer.

Staff The Department staff consists of 11 persons, among them are 1 professor PhD, 5 associate professors PhD and 5 lecturers.

Competences and facilities
The speciality 2001-TCM refers to the industrialization processes of the products. The content and form of education are determined by the industrial contemporary context and the university context according to the declaration of Bologna. The department orientates the didactic-scientific process in order to ensure the increasing of industry’s competitiveness, based on innovations and modern technologies, by ensure of a continuing progress in
research activities and staff’s requalification in different fields.

The education and investigation within this department ensure the formation of:

– Professional competences which refers to:
» Promotion of durable industrial development on the base of technological innovations and transfer, computer design and industrial informational technologies; » Increasing of industrial enterprises’ competitiveness by reorganization and an advanced managerial level; » Design of products and manufacturing processes; » Control of manufacturing and quality of products, organization and administration of small enterprises in the field of machine engineering; » Creation and using of new machines, production systems, technological processes and automation means, etc.; » Creation and using of industrial informational systems; » Creation of the possibility of continuing improvement of products and industrial processes, promotion of ecological quality and security according to the international standards.

– Skills:
» Using of constructive-functional designing systems – 2D and 3D CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM/PDM/CALS for machines and production systems;
» Choosing and elaboration of technical solutions for industrial products, technological processes and systems, equipments, tools, automation means;
» Determination of the quality of materials, products and processes, elaboration of technical documentation;
» Analyses of reasons of defects and rejects and elaboration of efficient methods of their preventing;
» Using of Internet as an informational source;
» Identification and solving of technical, technological, organizational and managerial problems, etc.;
» Efficient communication within a team as member of it as well as a team leader;
» Realisation of experiments, analyses and application of their results for improvement of products, components and processes.